4.9 Documents needed


Premium members get access to the below material. To join as a premium member please email customersupport@freelancermasterclass.com or call 707-387-0088

  • Start of project questionnaire
  • End of project questionnaire
  • Invoice template
  • Services Agreement-for signing contracts with clients
  • Statement of Work- Used with the Services Agreement to outline the details of your freelancer work. Only needed if more detail is required than outlined on the Services Agreement.
  • Addendum- Used to modify the services agreement.
  • NDA
  • ICA - to use with other freelancers stating that they are contractors and not employees.
  • Partnership Agreement- to use with other companies/people to outline the responsibilities of each partner.
  • Referral Agreement- to use when referring work to another freelancer.
  • Credit Card Authorization form- Use when a client wants you to charge his credit card for your freelance work.

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