An interview with successful freelance web developer RJ McCollam

An interview with successful freelance web developer RJ McCollam

Show Notes:

RJ McCollam is a freelance web developer working from Broken Arrow, OK. Having freelanced since 2008 he has also focused on helping other freelancers through his podcast, blog, course, and project management app Hector. He shares his actual experience in an attempt to encourage those wanting to either start freelancing or move into full-time freelancing focusing on useful advice and attainable goals for someone just getting started.


1.Tell me about Hector and why you developed it.

2.As a WordPress developer, how do you separate yourself from the sea of competition, especially overseas contractors willing to work for pennies on the dollar

3.At what point did you decide to become a full-time freelancer?

4.What has been your biggest success as a freelancer and what contributed to that success?

5.You have a blog titled Complacency killed the freelance star. Can you explain the dangers of staying comfortable as a freelancer?

6.How can our audience follow you online?


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