An interview with Michael Brooks, founder of goLance

An interview with Michael Brooks, founder of goLance

Show Notes:

Michael Brooks is a successful digital investor and entrepreneur, Michael carries with him over 17 years of experience in FinTech, payment processing and digital marketing. Michael finds new strategic business solutions through software development and electronic payments.
He is the founder and of two global brands: the popular subscription billing and digital marketing platform Response CRM. and global freelancing network, goLance.

goLance was launched in 2015 and has paid out more than $63 million to its recipients.
Response CRM has 300 plus e-commerce clients worldwide.

Michael is also the author of two published books on electronic payments and digital currency
-How important is it for a freelancer to maintain a good reputation?
-What can a freelancer do to maintain a good reputation?
-How should a freelancer diffuse conflict with a client?
-What are some common mistakes freelancers make?
-How can our audience learn more about you?

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