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Make Money Freelancing in 2020

Are you looking to quit your job and make money freelancing online? Maybe you just want to start a side hustle taking some gigs in addition to your regular job.  We may be biased, but deciding to start freelancing is a great decision! Read on to figure out how you can make money freelancing in 2020 and beyond.

Freelancing can be a great way to supplement your primary income and it has been growing in popularity astronomically. If you intend to get a lot of clients consistently, then you must figure out ways to stand out from other freelancers. In order to do so, try the below tips:

1) Identify who you want to freelance for.

Identifying who you want to work for is called creating a persona. Consider what your ideal client would look like. Do this by putting a name and a face behind the type of client you would like to work with. Understand what their needs would be, why they need you, and how you can help them. Knowing these points will make it clearer to what you have to do to get their business.

2) Try to narrow your persona down to a specific industry.

Although this is not necessary, you should get very specific about your ideal client, which includes their industry.  Competition with freelancing is increasing, it is those freelancers who specialize in a specific industry have a chance of showing better value to the prospects in those industries. By having a niche that is clear in the services you offer and the industry you offer those services to, you can be more effective at getting the jobs you want.

Rather than applying to any job that requires marketing as a skill set, try focusing on a more detailed skill you have, such as email marketing for the automotive industry.

3) Get good with technology

We understand there can be a challenging learning curve, but being adaptable to newer technology is always a valuable skill no matter what services you offer. This may be a scary thought to some, but something you can’t avoid today.

4) Freelancing beyond referrals

If you want to make money freelancing in 2020, you can’t solely rely on referrals. Unless you have several years of freelancing under your belt and are constantly being referred business by clients and other freelancers in your network, you have to market yourself.

It is extremely difficult to start a freelancing career relying on referrals.

To start a simple routine, reach out to 10 new people per day. Whether you do this on LinkedIn, Facebook, Upwork, etc. you want to expand your network to those that fit your persona described in step 1.

5. Develop content online

For those that are serious about getting traffic online for their freelance business, start creating content on a your own website or your social media accounts. Establish a routine for blogging and creating other content such as YouTube videos.  Once you start doing this, you will start to establish more of a presence in your niche and prospects will start to discover you through organic search.

Understand though, that this takes some time. It is typical for at least two to three months to go by before you see the results of organic traffic created from your online content.

6. Learn from the experts

Freelancer Masterclass is dedicated to helping freelancers just like yourself establish a professional presence online and get a consistent flow of clients doing the work you love. To find out more about the different options we have available to all types of freelancers, check out our Masterclass.

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