How the Top 1% of Freelancers are earning 6, and even 7, Figures.

(while working at home and having more FREEDOM)

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Take Command

How to take command of your life, working the hours you want to work, getting paid what you want, and getting the freedom you deserve.

Dominate Upwork

How to dominate Upwork, the largest freelancer platform in the world, like our lead instructor Mike Volkin. They’re promoting him on the homepage, social media and even billboards.

Convert prospects

How to convert prospects to clients over 300% faster.

Keep clients 5x longer

How to keep clients 5x longer than the average freelancer.

Hourly rate

How to triple your hourly rate (or more).

Be a Magnet

How to be a magnet for great clients.

Never worry about where your next paycheck is coming from. Don’t worry about being a slave to clients on weekends and evenings. This 10-step process will take you step-by-step through exactly what to do to be in that 1% of freelancers.

Bonus: If you watch to the end of the video, you’ll see how to join our exclusive Inner Circle Referral Network, where great opportunities are just handed to you.

This on-demand webinar is presented by Mike Volkin

Mr. Volkin is a full-time freelancer, Army veteran, and author of 5 books (one best seller). He has a been on dozens of radio, podcast and TV appearances including Entrepreneur on Fire, Good Morning America, lifehacker, Fox News and more. He has also built and sold 4 companies. He has a driving passion for helping freelancers scale their business, allowing them to make more money in less time.

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