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As a graduate of Freelancer Masterclass, you get a signed certificate to display in your home office and a widget to display on your website, LinkedIn page, or anywhere else online.

Also as a graduate, you get access to our Inner Circle Referral Network, where students pass referrals to each other for added income.

Freelancer Masterclass is an 9 step course that is 100% online and takes 8-weeks to complete. Modules contain video content, homework and quizzes. As a student, you should commit 3-5 hours a week to complete the required material.

In addition to the bi-weekly live meetings, you can collaborate at any time with the other students in our chat board.

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Foundational Requirements for Success

What to expect
What is a freelancer?
Setting your mental mindset
The good and the bad of freelancing
Freelance success stories
Creating the right goals
Constant education
How to transition to be a full-time freelancer
Your office set-up
Should you incorporate?
The friends/family conundrum
The cost of freelancing

Branding and Positioning

Choosing your niche
Your elevator pitch
Creating your USP
Your awesome profile
Beat your competition
Keeping stats on your business
Building teams
Asking for client feedback

Marketing for Clients

Creating a fantastic personal website
Managing your online reputation
The power of storytelling
Social media prospecting
Prospecting on Upwork
Prospecting on LinkedIn
Prospecting Your 2nd and 3rd degree connections
Other platforms
Prospecting via cold email
Write winning bids
Prospecting on and
The magical PPC funnel
Local domination

Working With Clients
How to screen clients
Performance based work
The discovery call
How to communicate with clients
Pricing strategies
Negotiation tactics
Promotional materials
Documents needed
Writing a killer proposal

The ultimate quick proposal
The fortune is in the follow up
How to productize your Service
Best practices to keep existing clients happy
Overcoming objections
Ways to make extra money from your clients

Working With Other Freelancers
Managing up
Partnerships with other freelancers
Managing freelancers

Money Management
Best practices for getting paid
Saving for retirement
Client and freelancer management

Tools and Resources

Staying productive
The habits of a successful freelancer
Quick Text Paste
Format Factory

Work/Life Balance
The importance of meditation
Managing dry spells
How to scale for unlimited potential
Creative visualization

Working with difficult clients
Dealing with lawsuit threats


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