An interview with Ana Melikian-Efficiency tips for freelancers - Freelancer Masterclass
An interview with Ana Melikian-Efficiency tips for freelancers

As a technology coach, Ana Melikian shows us how to be efficient with our technology to improve our productivity.

Show Notes
1.How did you get into mindset coaching?
2. So your niche isn’t just to help coaches, it’s to help with the tech side of coaching right?
3. Tell me about the Mindset Zone podcast.
4. Can you give our freelance audience some actionable tips that will help them increase their efficiency today through technology?
5. What is one thing that freelancers really get wrong on the tech side of their business?
6. How can our audience follow you online?


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All right, everybody. Welcome to Freelancer school and Freelancer masterclass. I am Mike Vulcan, and we have a special guest with us today. animalic Eon, who has a PhD in psychology is the founder of tech tips for coaches. And she’s also the host of the mindset zone podcast. And she’s an elite level Book Yourself Solid coach. Welcome to the program.

Pleasure to be here.

Well, I’ve been following you online, you get a lot of great tips. I thought you’d be great for our Freelancer audience. So I wanted to ask you some questions that would specifically help them with their business. We’ll talk about your speaker page and a little bit more about how our audience can learn about you. But I just want to dive right in and ask you about mindset coaching, how did you get into it? And what exactly is it?

So my background before I became a coach is psychology. So I have a, from bachelor to a pH, the all in psychology. So when I moved here to the United States, and I became a life coach initially and then marketing and business coach, I cannot leave my background behind. And my way of seeing the world is through those lenses of psychology, social science, and the way that we and a concept that is easy for people to grab is this concept of mindset, like what are the lenses that we use to see the world out there, limitless or are out there to expand our possibilities. In business and in life, so that is how I start with the mindset zone and the mindset work, because, and you work with a lot of freelancers. So a lot of the roadmaps are out there. What really stops us from being successful is what goes on between our three years, very many that we have to take care of that

tool. I am very much into creative visualization Lately, I’ve been reading a book called The power of neuroplasticity. And it talks about how you can actually rewire your brain to if you just do some certain exercises every day, and I’m all about what you’re saying, because I know it works. And it’s had an extremely positive impact in my life. And I’m just so excited to share creative visualization and even certain types of meditation that I’m familiar with my audience. So I’m very much into what you’re saying but you have the niche of mindset coaching, but you also have the niche of the tech side of coaching, right can explain how those are kind of intertwined a little

bit. And and again, is what stopped us to be out there. My a lot in my marketing materials, I use a lot of the three words, learn, impact, enjoy. And because I think I the people that I love to work with are lifelong learners. So learning comes natural for me. So it’s the think that but we are here in our work, to impact to create the making a difference in other people’s life. And we truly enjoy the process that for making this happen, we have to be implementing, we have to be out there doing and probably doing all my years more now than about 10 years working with other solopreneurs out there. The two things that I keep seeing stopping people to be successful are mindset, their own Stuff getting into the way and technology. So I’m I have these two niches because are the two bigger roadblocks that I see stopping people to being successful out there.

Yeah. And it’s so true. The first one, especially mindset, we’re so conditioned in this world and I was gonna say in this country, but in this world, that you need a nine to five job for the steady paycheck, you need to live with a commute, you need to live with the dress code, you need to live with all this stuff. And frankly, I think that’s what freelancing kind of breaks those barriers. This whole gig economy we have going and is allowing people to expand their imagination about what’s possible. You don’t want to be on your deathbed thinking all I worked 30 years for this, this company, I could care less about just to collect a paycheck, you kind of, quote unquote, wasted your life. It’s just you, freelancing allows you to take charge of your life. So I really like what you’re doing. You’re, you’re empowering others to, to take that step, that leap of faith, you know, yes, but it’s interesting about the tech side. I mean, I work with a lot of web developers. I mean, Don’t don’t so much experienced people who won’t go forward because of tech, but I do know people who are limiting themselves because of tech because they don’t want to go in a certain direction. They don’t want to learn something, I don’t want to pay for something things like that. Do you actually teach them how to how to implement certain technology? I can,

at least I’ve many of the my, my niche in terms of the solopreneurs is coaches and consultants. That was only our baby boomers, lead generation Xers. So they were not born with a computer in their hands. So technology doesn’t come very naturally for them. But even people that are that are technological savvy, and I help them to win the standard and to feel empowered to learn and I have researched for them to learn, but above all, is to simplify their life people complicate the online world the law.

Again, as from acting,

yeah, yeah, and I see these That’s not like it with these these kids now I just saw a YouTube video of a kid, infant was handed a magazine, a paper magazine, and you swipe swiping left to right on the paper thinking it’s gonna move like, Yes, Yes, totally different

is the way that they interact. And one of the images that I give

for instance, is is very interesting. And now that if we get to family get care, there’s holiday season, and seeing it, the newer generation interact with for instance, you go to somebody’s house, and there is a new remote control that you don’t know how to use. The way that a young kid approach that remote control that he never touched before. And somebody who have a more mature age approach the same device is totally different. When it’s like almost is is going to detonate the bomb but so I bet there be very very careful is very fertile either let me just try and see what that buttons. Yeah.

You never know what those wireless remotes are going to do now it could detonate a bomb. Who knows? Tell me about the mindset zone podcast, how often does it come out? And what does it usually consist of?

So at this moment, I mean yet I’m not doing new recordings, I hope to restart back quite soon. But there are loads of episodes there. And the principle of my podcast is creating a space for people to wherever mindset workout because everybody knows in the entrepreneur world that in this world online, that the mindset I don’t have to convince them that mindset is important thing for them. That there is lots of talk about mindset and not very few places, in my opinion, like you’re describing in the book that gives us something to tweak something to exercise our mindset to change the way that we think about things to make us more flexible to excellence. spend our possibilities. And there. What I do a lot in my podcast is picking any concept and break it into little pieces, and then bring it back together and sometimes the back together in a different way that we never thought about.

Yeah, well, I’d love to be a guest if you start doing one and again, we could talk about neuroplasticity and the power of creative visualization, I think that would make for very interesting podcast, podcast and I love to teach people stuff like that. So in regards to our Freelancer audience, so can you give us some actionable tips that will help them increase their efficiency today through technology?

Keep it super simple. Even if you are very tech savvy. It’s so easy. Mainly if you are a one person business, it’s so easy to see all these other people that are really doing great out there in big way. But they have a team working for them. Yeah. So you cannot I try to do everything. So what is the more simple way, the simple path? If you ever really get that, then well improve as much as you can the systems and then add something else, right? Keep it super simple.

I just had this client prospect, call me the other day and had this whole plan about this software program you wanted to, you know, roll out and had all these API ties in one thing breaks, five other things are gonna break. And it’s like, I’m like, what’s your end result here? He’s like, well, I want to do this, this and this. I’m like, then why don’t you just do this? Why do you need all this other stuff up here? That’s so delicate and can break and when all you’re trying to do is achieve this. So it goes more than just technology? It’s the way people approach things from a marketing perspective, too. So yes, interesting.

Exactly. He’s focusing a lot that we really have to focus on that rule, the 8020 rule, what is the 20% of our activities that produce 80% pump the results. So let’s get that let’s optimize that. And then we can add something else. I like it. All right,

so what is it that most people most freelancers, especially entrepreneurs, solopreneurs what do they get wrong on the tech side of business other than keeping it simple? Is there something else that maybe is wasting their time?

Or and what I think they get wrong or they don’t know how to what to do with it, is they lose a lot of their humanity, you mean it? We are all human beings related with other human beings. But online is very easy to forget there. So it’s, I think if people learn more to remaining human in the digital cold world, they will be more successful.

Yes, yes. People seem to talk to other people different if it’s an email interaction than a phone. I’ll I’ll get an email sometimes with responses that is like, would you ever tell me something like that in person? It’s, it’s so

so my thing with the online world that is that out? Can we be a phone line? Are we be a mean person respecting each other? Yes,

yes, very true. And you know what, it’s such a small world, I can tell you no less than a dozen stories and how I’ve, I’ve met people on networking events or conferences over the years. Oh, yeah, I talked to you about five years ago, you said something kind of rude to me. It’s like, and now they’re trying to be die. So it’s like, you’ll be surprised if you get into an industry pretty deep and start to get successful, you’ll see that it’s such a small world and you’re gonna start seeing the same faces and names over and over again. So I you know, always treat treat other people like you want to be treated. It’s a good rule to live by. I

totally agree.

How can our audience follow follow you more?

So my website, my personal website, and that and, and the tech tips for

Okay, and I’ll put both of those links in the show notes on this podcast and in the YouTube video as well. I appreciate you for joining us. Let’s keep in touch Okay,

thanks. My pleasure.

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